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How NowRx Pharmacy Delivery Works


Send Us Your Prescription

For new prescriptions, your doctor can e-prescribe or fax us your prescription. For existing prescriptions or refills call us at (844) 466-6679 or fill out the provided form above.


We Confirm Delivery

We will reach out to you via phone to confirm delivery address, insurance, and collect the prescription copy.


Sit Back And Relax

We will deliver your medication in an electric NowRx vehicle for no additional charge. Delivery within 5 hours or as requested.

“I cannot say strongly enough how much better it is to have prescriptions delivered to my door, as opposed to endlessly waiting at my local drug store. I would never go back. NowRx is the best.”
Christene M.
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Why People Love NowRx Pharmacy

Free same-day
prescription delivery
Drug coupons
automatically applied
Live pharmacist support
available all day
Streamlined prior
Reduced prescription
dispensing errors
5-Star Local and
Personalized Service
NowRx pharmacy delivering to mother and children

NowRx Pharmacy Has You Covered.

  • NowRx works with your insurance to get your medication approved.

  • We manage your refills every month and contact your doctor when you run out.

  • Anytime you have a question our live pharmacists are ready to chat.


Anything you need, we're here!


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